A letter written 3 years from today Christmas version ~3年後の今日の手紙 クリスマスバージョン~

Dear My Honey



How are you doing?


More than 100 days have passed since I wrote the last letter.

Because just I was very busy recently, I couldn’t write a letter. I was definitely not lazy to write a letter in English.

But, I’m not sure how to write a letter in English because I haven’t written any letters in English so long time. So, I’m writing this letter with rereading the last letter.


It was still summer in Japan when I wrote the last letter, but Christmas is almost here. Christmas songs are played in busy quarters. Residential areas are brilliantly decorated by illuminations.


In Australia, there were some decorated trees on streets and someone decorated inside of their house by illuminations. The town was wrapped up in similar atmosphere to Japan. But it was little bit different atmosphere.


When I decide to write this letter, I noticed that you hadn’t sent me answer even though I sent the last latter more than 100 days ago.

I was disappointed.

I still think of you even though 3 years have passed. But you make nothing of me. Although I was too excited to get your answer and grinning, when I wrote the last later. Please give that happy feeling back to me.


That’s why, I decided to write about a memory of last Christmas for getting your attention.


Last Christmas. I had a girl friend named Alice.

She was mixed with British and Japanese, and fluent in Japanese. Unlike you couldn’t remember “itadakimasu”, she was fluent in English.


She was curious to go to an aquarium. Some Japanese aquariums exhibit something special in Christmas days.

So, we went to an aquarium in Tokyo for seeing her happy face even though I was not a bit interest in fishes.


We met in front of the aquarium. Because I lived in Saitama and she lived in Tokyo.

I guessed which direction she comes from, because I went there 10 minutes earlier and had nothing to do. And I hid myself behind a pillar. When she came, I came out from there and I followed her unobserved. When she noticed, she glared at me.


There was a very long queue in front of the entrance to the aquarium. In the queue, there are many couples like us, families, and Sakanakuns.

Inside of the aquarium was decollated as Christmas version with lots of LEDs. Penguins were Christmas, jellyfishes were Christmas, sharks were Christmas, rays were Christmas, prawns were Christmas, hermit crabs were Christm as, and heteroconger hassies were also Christmas.

She was happy for shining light-emitting diodes and fishes were held in captivity. Then, I came to happy, because I saw her that happy face.


We enjoyed dolphin show, seal show, and penguin show after that. Actually, only she enjoyed these shows and I enjoyed her face that was enjoying shows.


We had a lunch at a restaurant in the aquarium.

They provided lots of seafood. I was very happy because my favorite flavor of cap noodles was seafood.

She was a little put off by fishes because we had seen living fishes a few minutes before. But she ate everything on her plates. She tackled everything with all her efforts and I loved that.

You also tackled everything with all your efforts. I thought you were cute when you tried to show me using chopsticks for eating something even Japanese don’t use chopsticks like curry and soup


We went to a restaurant for dinner after enjoyed the aquarium. We were late 2 hours for dinner because we held hands together when we walked to there, then I got a bloody nose and went to toilet to stop that. But she wrestled with the thump with me without frowning.

When you & I went to the cinema we had to wait 1 hour on outside. While we were waiting, you sang some songs of BABYMETAL for entertaining me. I might love Alice who always tried to satisfy everyone’s wishes like you.


We parted after ate dinner. It was very happy time for me.

Are you jealous of Alice? If you are not jealous of her, this letter become just a disgusting letter.


I'm looking forward to receiving your response.


















































A letter written 3 years from today ~ 3年後の今日の手紙 ~

Dear My Honey

How have you been?
I haven’t seen you a long time.

Recently, I suddenly remembered and missed you that’s why I picked up my pen.

Japan is summer now. So Australia is winter now right?
I eat too much Kakigori and have bad stomach these days. I guess you eat lots of hot meat pies.
You loved meat pie. But actually, I didn’t like meat pie. Because that was not sweet even though it was a pie.
But it was strange, meat pies I ate with you were very sweet like a chocolate.

It’s been 3 years since I was living in Australia. How have you changed?
You were snoring horribly everyday. Is your snore still loud?
You were screaming like a monkey when we were playing winning eleven even though you were usually shy.
Which game makes you in heat lately?
Do you remember? You used Dortmund Kagawa enrolled in to catching my attention.
Kagawa controlled by you was given a red card for missing sliding tackle 3 minutes after starting game.

Memories with you are still glittering like a jewel in my heart.
Hope to see you again.

I'm looking forward to receiving your response.